Dear valued customers and partners

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in using RJ Connects services and products.  Our commitment and responsibility towards you have never been stronger as we vigilantly monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ever-changing circumstances surrounding it.

The current COVID-19 outbreak has raised several concerns for us all.



Please ensure you place your orders urgently in order to prevent further delays

We would like to bring to your attention that due to the COVID-19, supply chains worldwide are under supply stress, as many factories across the world have reduced staff and therefore output.

At this point, planning of components have become critical for manufacturers to deliver products.  To this effect we have been informed that there will be an increase in delivery times, and we recommend you place your project orders as soon as verified, so that we are able to manage project forecast effectively.

To help customers mitigate supply restraints, we have increased our stock holding by 25%, however we cannot guarantee stock until orders are placed

During this trying time, RJ Connect and our staff are dedicated to keep offering the best service and support. 





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